How to enter Poland in the age of COVID

As we all know, many countries, including Poland, have decided to limit travel by imposing border restrictions in order to fight the spread of the coronavirus. Although, in theory, these restrictions are meant to discourage and/or stop people from travelling abroad altogether, there still remains a large interest among the Jewish community to travel to Poland.

Thankfully, the Polish regulation imposing the travel ban and subsequent 10-day obligation to self-isolate after entering the country contains a list of exemptions, allowing certain types of passengers to enter the country freely. Little is it known, that these exemptions apply to a large amount of passengers.

If you are interested in travelling to Poland and do not know how to deal with the complicated international travel restrictions, be sure to contact me. With proper legal action and documentation it is possible to organize a trouble-free journey to Poland.

Travel to Poland trouble-free from any place in the world